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Music 2000, also known as MTV Music Generator in North America, is a music creation software released in 1999 by Jester Interactive for the Playstation. One year later it came out for the PC. Over two decades later many people still use the PS1 version as well as other music creation softwares from the series such as Music 2002 Club Edition, MTVMG2, MTVMG3, Music 3000 (Funkmaster Flex's Digital Hitz Factory) and the Game Boy Color and Advance iterations of Pocket Music. Among the people that moved on to modern DAW softwares there are many that still seek for the old Music 2000 samples, which are now available on the web Archive. For a detailed guide on emulation and audio recording with DuckStation, visit the Hall of Fame below.

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Music 2000 and Music series developed by Jester Interactive and published mostly by Codemasters, from 1998 to 2004. This is a fan website.